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Praia Rasa Beach, Brazil

The Flat beach or praia Rasa is ideal for wind sports fun.

Praia Rasa is the longest beach in Buzios. It is located on the northern shoulder just outside of the Buzios peninsula and runs for several kilometers. The waters are not very clear and can get quite silty. This beach is a perfect fit for watersport enthusiasts.

Praia Rasa water sports in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

Tradewinds kick up in the afternoon making the surface of the water very choppy. The sand is very dense and clay-like. Just offshore is the resort island for Ilha Rasa that can be reached by hiring a water taxi. There is no shade on the beach so plan on bringing an umbrella. Getting to the beach is quite easy. A water taxi will drop you off. Or, you can hire a land taxi or rent a dune buggy to get you to Praia Rasa.


This beach used to be a slave port in the 19th century. It was called the “Landing Beach” as many slave traders landed here. When slavery was made illegal in 1850 the Brazilian Navy carefully patrolled this beach to prevent slave ships from landing. Many of the natives to this area are descendants of these slaves. There is a bronze memorial in the local town square dedicated to their memory.


Because of the afternoon tradewinds this is the perfect spot for windsurfing, kite surfing and short or longboard surfing. The Buzios Kitesurf School is located here and holds classes in wind surfing and kite surfing. Equipment is also available to rent from some of the stores that line the beach.

Sailing is also very popular on this beach and the sailboats can reach alarming speeds when the tradewinds are at their peak. Praia Rasa is a sportsmen paradise. The immensity of the surf and the speed of the tradewinds provide a challenge to all surfers on these waters.