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Praia do Olho de Boi Beach, Brazil

To get to this beach you need an adventurous spirit and an open mind, as Olho de Boi is the only nude beach in Buzios.

This is one of the smaller beaches located on the eastern shore of the Buzios peninsula. Most of the eastern coast is rocky with the mountains falling into the sea. There are very few beaches here.

Praia Olho de Boi in Buzios Rio de Janeiro

Getting to Praia Olho de Boi

This beach is quite difficult to reach and visitors must take a long trek through the tropical forest to get here. The trip begins at Praia Brava beach.

Once you get there look for the trailhead and then follow the signs. The trail takes you up and over a hill and through tropical forest vegetation. It is a good idea to have strong walking shoes on your feet. The other option is to go by water taxi or schooner.

The Beach

This beach is named “Eye of the Bull”. It got that name because olho de boi is a hard little red seed that can be found on the beach. Bear in mind this is a clothing optional beach and might not be suitable for some children. This beach has some of the whitest sands anywhere.

The rocky outcroppings on each side create a pool of water that is clear and warm. Stay alert in the afternoon as winds pick up and this generates higher surf. Swimming near the rocks at this time of day can pose a danger. If you remembered to bring a flashlight stick around for the sunset as it is quite spectacular.


A new kiosk has recently been put in place on the beach that carries snacks and drinks. However there are not other amenities near by. This beach is part of the Buzios conservation effort to keep the beach areas as natural as possible. Remember to take out any trash. Do not leave it on the beach.

There is no kiosk renting beach umbrellas and there are no shady areas but consider carefully if you want to carry in a heavy beach umbrella. Praia Olho de Boi is the only nude beach in Buzios. It is very difficult to get to but well worth the hike thanks to the lovely white sand and clear turquoise waters.