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Praia de Tucuns Beach, Brazil

Primarily used by surfers Tucuns beach is the place to escape from all the action in Buzios

For those who really want to get away from it all head to Praia dos Tucuns. It is quite far away from everything so come prepared.

Praia dos Tucuns Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Area

Because Tucuns is set back off the peninsula and sits on the neck it is away from any towns. However, it appears there may be some big resorts coming here soon. To get to Tucuns from downtown Buzios you will have to drive round the mountain between Tucuns and Geriba. This will take about 10-15 minutes. Once you get to this beach be prepared to have no one around you. There are no lifeguards so swim with caution. If you wish to stay in the area there are a few lovely bed and breakfasts around the area.

The Beach

The beach sand is a light tan due to the soil runoff from the surrounding mountains. There is not much coral in the water so do not expect to see much sea life below the surface. The beach itself is quite long and runs 2.5 km. There is a small bar here to get some snacks and drinks. The very strong current keeps families away from this beach. Because very few people visit, this beach is quite pristine and unspoiled. However, it will not be long before vacationers discover this beach and homes and resorts start to spring up.


Tucuns beach faces south. As such there is a strong tradewind that blows in around 2:30pm each afternoon. This causes the surf to kick up and the waves can reach dangerous heights. Of course this means there are plenty of kite boarders and surfers to be found here. This area is so popular with surfers that there is even a surfing school. If you are new to surfing you can sign up for some lessons. Or if you are an expert you can still rent surfing equipment from this school.

This is a dangerous beach with no lifeguards so be very cautious especially if swimming in the afternoon when the winds pick up. If you are surfer then you have come to the right place and there are no better waves in all of Buzios.