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Praia de Joćo Fernandinho Beach, Brazil

Great fun for kids and family, but be aware of overcrowds in Joao Fernandinho as this is a very popular spot.

Easily accessible from the main roads, Praia de João Fernandinho is one of the most pleasant beaches to visit. It is also centrally located and quite popular with visitors. Simple stone steps lead down to the beach from the main street. Brother to the more crowded Praia de João Fernandes; this is a smaller alternative during high season.

Praia de João Fernandinho Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

This beach is located at the furthest point on the Buzios peninsula. The waters are an emerald green and considered some of the warmest in the area. The sand is rock based so it can be a bit coarse. Beach shoes are recommended. There are plenty of almond trees on the beach that provide quite a bit of shade. Small pools of water have been formed by surrounding rocks. This beach is used mostly for swimming and sunbathing. There are very few other activities. Stay around for sunset as it can be quite spectacular.


There are some food kiosks for snacks and drinks. Restrooms can be found at the top of the stone staircase. There are also several hotels, restaurants and bars nearby. There is even a stone staircase that leads up to the Colonna Hotel that sits between this beach and Joao Fernandes beach. If you are coming from this hotel, the stairs end at the rocky shoreline. You must walk over these rocks to get to Praia de João Fernandinho.

Who Goes to This Beach?

This is an excellent family beach as the waters are calm and the ocean is very warm. In addition when Joao Fernandes beach is overcrowded many visitors will come here instead. Therefore it can be very busy in the high season. Locals tend to stay away from this beach. Patrons of the Colonna Hotel are a big portion of this beach crowd since they have direct access to the beach from the hotel grounds.

Praia de João Fernandinho is more of a beach for tourists and not locals. It is located next to a hotel and has very easy access from the road. This beach can be very crowded during holidays and the busy season.