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Praia das Virgens Beach, Brazil

This rocky beach called the Virgins beach has amazing sea life perfect for snorkeling.

Praia das Virgens is more of a rocky shore than a beach. However, because there are a few feet of sand interspersed between some rocks, the locals decided to call it a beach and give it a name.

Praia das Virgens Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Getting There

The easiest way to get to Praia das Virgens is by schooner or water taxi. This can be quite tedious which is probably why there are not many visitors to this beach. The other option is to walk to Praia das Virgens by following a trail that runs from Praia dos Amores. Keep in mind this trail is only passable at low tide. So, if you do decide to walk over to Praia das Virgens keep an eye on the tide or you could be stranded.

Activities on Praia das Virgens

While there is hardly room to set out a blanket for tanning the waters surrounding the beach are teeming with sea life. Private charters come to this are on a regular basis carrying their scuba diving charters. Snorkeling is also possible but you will have to bring your own snorkeling gear with you, as there are no rental facilities.

The Beach

Like its sister beach, Praia dos Amores, the water here is crystal clear and a brilliant turquoise blue. There are no facilities at all on the beach and it is so small that four or five people make it seem crowded. Wear beach shoes when visiting Praia das Virgens as the rocky shoreline can be very slippery. The only way off the beach is via schooner or water taxi or hiking back to Praia dos Amores at low tide. An impenetrable forest surrounds the beach with no way through it.

If you truly want to be alone on a beach than Praia das Virgens is your best bet. A few feet of sand between some rocks is all you will have to sunbathe on. However, the water is beautiful and the seal life is quite colorful so bring a diving mask.