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Praia da Tartaruga Beach, Brazil

The beach for family fun that offers many fun activities for kids. Turtle beach's the calm waters make it a perfect set for safety and relaxation.

Praia da Tartaruga is for turtles and families. The two have learned to coexist in harmony at one of the most kid friendly beaches in Buzios.

Tartaruga Beach or Praia da Tartaruga Búzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil


Praia da Tartaruga or Turtle beach has been the nesting spot for sea turtles over the past few centuries. Since the beach is kept dark after sunset, the turtles are still able to come back to this beach to hatch their eggs. During the day the nests are kept safe thanks to the humans who visit this beach. The nests are protected by local laws.

The Beach

Tartaruga Beach is separated into two sections. The smaller shallow side is for the fisherman in the area to anchor the fishing boats. The beach itself is used to play volleyball and soccer. To the left is the beach used by visitors. The waters are very calm. As such this is considered one of the best kid friendly beaches. Parents do not have to worry that waves will knock their children over and carry them out to sea. There are also some small rock pools where little ones can swim. Beach goers can rent kayaks and children can take rides on the banana boats.


There is a restaurant with an outdoor patio on the beach. Its seafood is quite delicious. Local vendors also set up shop at the beach. They sell beach clothing, bracelets, rings and necklaces. There are also hair clips and pins. Some vendors will try to sell sandalwood. Sandalwood does not come from the Amazon. They are actually selling wood sprayed with perfume so be alert. There are also some hotels in the area.

This beach is perfect for families with young children. The waters are calm and there are some separate pools to enjoy. The restaurant provides a delicious lunch and there is plenty to keep everyone entertained.