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Praia da Ferradura Beach, Brazil

Ferradura beach is on the spotlight !  Favorite among the rich and the famous, Ferradura is a great family fun beach.

If you wish to rub elbows with the rich and famous then this is the beach for you. This beach was the setting for the 13th season of MTV Real World. Despite its fame, this is a very beautiful beach to visit.

Praia da Ferradura Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

Praia da Ferradura sits in a basin with the land sloping down to the sea. Behind the beach and at the top of the hills sit some of the most beautiful homes in Buzios. Called Horseshoe beach because of its shape, the waters are known to be very calm and crystal clear.

The west coast of the beach is quite thin and nearly disappears at high tide. If you bring your binoculars September through December you may be able to get a good view of whales passing by. The sand is a medium grain with no sharp shells or coral. Shade can be found on the west side of the beach in the afternoon.


Snorkelers need to go to the ends of the beach where the rocks are located to get a good view of the seal life. The best diversity of marine species is at the southeast end of Praia da Ferradura.

Because there is a light wind, sailing is also very popular. The calm waters and protected cove are perfect for sea kayakers as they can paddle around the horseshoe but not worry about drifting out to sea. And of course the calm waters are very conducive to swimming.


Aside from the mansions ringing the cove, there are several different conveniences available for the beach goer. On the northern portion of the beach there are several kiosks selling everything from snacks to souvenirs.

There is a parking lot available but it does cost to park there. Beyond the beach border are pousadas, restaurants and shops. Praia da Ferradura is a millionaires’ beach that is open to the public. Its beauty and gentle waters make it a popular family place.