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Praia da Armação Beach, Brazil

Escape from crowded Buzios and come relax at Praia da Armação. Great restaurants and beautiful sunset is what you'll find here.

Located on the northern coastline of Buzios, Praia da Armação has been part of its history since the pirates discovered this land. Praia da Armação is now used by visitors and locals alike as a lovely beach to pause and reflect on the day.

Praia da Armacao Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beach

Praia da Armação sits right in the center of town. Because so many fishing boars moor here there is very little swimming. The sand is a lovely yellow and is quite soft to walk upon. This is a delightful beach to enjoy a cup of morning tea or a picnic lunch and watch the fishing boats move about.

There are no umbrellas available to shelter under but plenty of trees provide good afternoon shade. This beach also provides a quiet interlude from the bustle of downtown and sore feet can find some warm comforting sand to curl their toes into.


As Praia da Armação is downtown there are quite a few amenities around. There are many shops and cafes nearby as well as delicious restaurants serving up freshly caught seafood or other local Brazilian dishes.

Quite a few bars have outdoor areas that look over this beach area. Ask for one of the many fruit drinks that Buzios is famous for. There are also several hotels and pousadas in the area.


This beach was originally used by the French pirates who raided the land for Brazilwood. Later the Portuguese got rid of the French and used Praia da Armação themselves for offloading slaves and loading up sugar and wood. During the 18th century when gold was discovered the beach was used to load up the gold.

Eventually it became part of the whale hunting and processing trade. Today descendants of these whalers moor their fishing boats here after their early morning fishing trips. Praia da Armação is not a beach for swimming. Rather it is a beach filled with history where visitors go to get away from the bustle of downtown. There they can share some quiet conversation or silently watch the glorious sunset over the ocean.