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Orla Bardot, Brazil

What brought Brigitte Bardot to Buzios ? Come find out for yourself !

The French have had an influence in Buzios. First the French pirates raided the coast searching for Brazilwood to sell. They were dispatched by the Portuguese. The next French invasion came in the form of Brigitte Bardot in 1964.

Brigitte Visits Buzios

Orla Brigitte Bardot view Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Brigitte went to Rio with her then boyfriend Bob Zagury. However, she could not walk out her apartment door without being set upon by the paparazzi. She was going to go home to Paris when she came up with an idea that allowed her to stay in Brazil. She made a deal with the media. She would allow one photographer to follow her and her boyfriend on their vacation. In turn the photographer would share is photographs.

Luckily the media agreed so she boarded a yacht and headed to Buzios. She loved the area so much she stayed four months. As a result people around the world became curious about Buzios and this made this coastal resort fishing village a playground for the international jet setters. In her honor, a statue of Brigitte Bardot was put up and sits on the Orla Bardot.

The Bardot Cove

The cove itself is not for swimming. It is lined with restaurants, shops and some hotels. However there is a lovely walkway along this beach. It begins at the town pier and goes east toward Praia da Armação. The view is charming as the walkway looks out on the cover with very colorful fishing boats anchored there. There is very little sand and no beach on the cove. During low tide rock covers the area. The walkway has both shade trees and gazebos with benches to rest and enjoy the view.


This cove and walkway is meant more for strolling than any watersport. In the evening it is very enjoyable to find a bench, sit with a loved one, and watch the sunset in all its glorious colors. In the morning the cool sea breezes go wonderfully with a fresh cup of coffee.

A few shops and restaurants are placed along the walkway so this is a great area to take a break from shopping and enjoy a nice relaxing lunch.Orla Bardot or Bardot Cove is not a true beach. Instead it is meant to be pleasant natural walkway where one can enjoy the breezes and view of the ocean.