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Wakeboarding and Kayaking in Buzios

The beaches in Buzios are perfect to do watersports like Wakeboarding and Kayaking. Rent your equipments and have fun!

Both of these water sports are great fun but require training and specialized equipment. There are many perfect places to try your hand at either sport. Equipment rentals and instructions are available throughout the peninsula of Buzios.

Kayaking in Buzios Rio de Janeiro


Wakeboarding uses a combination of snow boarding, surfing and water skiing techniques. It involves towing a small board behind a water boat. The trick is to move over the wake made by the boat and perform various tricks over that wake. The best time to learn wakeboarding in Buzios is during the morning when the water is at its calmest. Praia da Ferradura is the perfect place to rent both a motorboat and a board to try your hand at wakeboarding.


Sea kayaking is a great way to view the coastline. However, it is imperative that you understand the currents surrounding the shore. A few lessons in maneuvering your kayak will also be beneficial. Stay away from beaches with high surf or very rocky shores to prevent your kayak from tipping over. One of the best and safest places to try out sea kayaking is Ferradura beach.

The Happy Surf shop not only rents out kayaks but will offer lessons too. Ferradura beach is the perfect spot to practice kayaking as it is calm, the waters are warm and there are plenty of people to help you out if you need it.
While wakeboarding is a bit more thrilling than kayaking, both are popular water sports in Buzios. Before trying either sport be sure you have the proper the equipment and have been trained in its use.