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Things to do in Armacao dos Buzios

Trying new adventures, exploring nature and relaxation. Options in Buzios are endless !

 The Buzios peninsula is riddled with activities. The visitor should have no reasons to ever be bored. There are plenty of sports both on the water and on land as well as various attractions in the area. Even doing nothing at all can be interesting if you choose to do nothing in the right spot. Buzios is a lovely sophisticated village that can hold the interest of even the most jaded traveler. There is much fun and revelry to be had on this peninsula and there is always a party going on.

Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

The Beaches

If you pick the right spot, then doing nothing can still be interesting. One of the right spots in the beach. With over 20 beaches in Buzios, it is quite easy to find an empty plot of sand to plunk down and simply watch the world go by. You will never get tired of the views from these beaches and people-watching is a great hobby to develop. Also, because Buzios has so many beaches, you can spend your vacation finding several right spots to do nothing. Each beach has its own personality and comes with its own set of interesting people.   


With so many beaches there is no shortage of watersports in Buzios. There are three great beaches to try your hand at surfing, kite surfing and wind surfing. Equipment for these activities can be rented and there are always instructors available to offer a lesson or two. For the visitor interested in wakeboarding, the boards and the motorboats are available to rent. Scuba diving and snorkeling are also quite spectacular in Buzios thanks to the coral reefs and clear crystal ocean waters. Kayaking is a lovely way to enjoy the coastline.  There is also fishing available both on shore and through charter boats. 

Day sports in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Activities on Land

Buzios also has many fun activities to enjoy on land. There is a professional 18 hole golf course for the duffers who come to visit. Tennis courts, paddle courts and squash courts are also available on Buzios. Eco-tourists can hike through the Atlantic rainforest that surrounds Buzios. Mountain bikers can also ride the trails through this rainforest too.  There are stables available for horseback riding and ATV tours of the area. A trolley will provide an open air tour of Buzios and there are plenty of walkways to simply stroll and enjoy the town.


Buzios is also well known for its nightlife. There are plenty of bars, restaurants and nightclubs to pass the night away while sipping the national drink of Brazil, the Caipirinha. Begin an evening with dinner at one of the many ethnic restaurants. There is Asian cuisine or Italian food and of course seafood right from the fishing boats. Thai cooking is very popular here and there is even a pizzeria to get a quick bite. The bars often have live music playing. Stroll down the Rua das Pedras in the evening and you will hear jazz, rock, and Brazilian music pouring out of them. There are also several nightclubs where you can try out some Samba moves and dance all through the evening.
Buzios is a mecca for those visitors who like to stay active. There are plenty of sights to see and activities to enjoy both in the water and on land.