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Special Interests in Buzios

Either on land or water, Buzios has endless activities for the adventurous traveller to enjoy !

Many people who travel have particular activities they like to enjoy or specific places they like to visit. In Buzios there are many options to satisfy any traveler with special interests.

Diving in clear waters in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Your Special Interests on Land

For the beach lover there are over 20 beaches to visit in and around Buzios. The golf fanatic can play every day of vacation at the Buzios Golf Club and Resort. The eco-tourist can hike the trails of the Atlantic Rainforest and the mountain biker can take a tour through this lush vegetation too. The shopaholic has a quite a few shopping areas to choose from around Buzios including over 70 stores that line the Rua das Pedras.

Your Special Interests on Water

For the fishing fanatic there is miles of coastline to try your luck and plenty of charter boats for the deep sea. Surfing in Buzios is quite spectacular and ranks with some of the best beaches in the world. There are plenty of coral reefs and over 40 shipwrecks for those who love to scuba dive. Wakeboarding, kitesurfing and windboarding are all available on several of the beaches throughout the peninsula.

There are also sailboats for hire and kayaks to cruise to coastline. Whatever your special interest is on the water Búzios can provide you the natural resources for your favorite activity. Visitors with special interests will always be happy visiting Búzios. This area has so many activities to offer that everyone who chooses to stop by will be satisfied.