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Nude Beach in Armacao dos Buzios

Reserved for the practice of nudism, Olho de Boi beach is the best option if you want to let loose.

Olho de Boi is the only nude beach in Buzios. Located on the eastern shore between rocky coastlines, this small beach can be a bit of a challenge to reach.

Buzios praia olho de boi Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Getting There

Located near Praia Brava, you cannot easily reach this beach by car. The trick is to make your way first to Praia Brava. From there take the trail that leads to Olho de Boi. The hiking is a bit difficult as the trail goes up and over a crest in the mountain. You can plan on traveling light as the tiring walk home can be difficult if you are laden with heavy items. Keep in mind there is now a snack stand here to get something to eat and drink.

The Beach

As Olho de Boi is so difficult to reach the beach is never very crowded. The sand is very soft and pure white and the water is a deep turquoise. Be wary swimming in the late afternoon. Sometimes the heavier surf can push swimmers against the rocks. If you do not mind hiking out in the dark, stay for sunset as it can be quite spectacular.
If you do not approve of nudity then stay away from this beach. Otherwise, it is worth the trek as the views from shore are quite lovely and the soft white sand makes for a comfortable bed to relax on.