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Diving in Armacao dos Buzios

There are no bad spots for diving in Buzios, the clear waters and sea life will welcome you to an exuberant under the sea experience.

There are some beautiful diving spots in Buzios. The waters are crystal clear and the sea life is colorful and abundant. There are certified diving schools where you can get trained and guided tours to help enhance the diving experience.

Diving experience in Buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rental Equipment

There are several places around Buzios where you can rent diving equipment. The basics including oxygen tanks, fins and masks are fairly cheap and quite abundant. For a little extra money you can rent underwater cameras that come with the appropriate film as well as a flash to capture photos of your diving experience. Many of these rental shops also schedule guided dives to various parts of Buzios. Many will offer both morning and afternoon dives and some even have evening dives available.

Where to Dive

One of the best places to dive is Ilha da Ancora, just a 30-minute boat trip out from Buzios. The current and the coral reef in the area attract moray eels, exotic fish, sea turtles and manta rays. Other places to dive to see the wild sea life around the reefs are Papagio Island, Porcos, and Franceses. Some of the best shipwreck with close to 40 shipwreck sites is Arraial do Cabo and Cabo Frio.
There is no bad diving spot in Buzios, nor is there a poor time of year to dive. The arctic currents bring in some of the most incredible sea life that can be seen no where else in the world.