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Nightlife of Armacao dos Buzios

Don't skip Buzios vibrant nightlife ! From loud to a more quiet intimate evening you can choose what suits you better.

Buzios is known for its sophisticated nightlife. This beach destination attracts some of the most experienced and affluent travelers. As such the expectations of nightlife in Buzios have higher standards. Because Buzios is such a savvy tourist destination it has nightclubs, bars, lounges, restaurants and cigar bars to satisfy the most discerning visitor.

Night in Buzios Rio de Janeiro

Downtown Buzios

The happening place in downtown Buzios is the main drag Rua das Pedras. Very artistic and light-hearted, at night it is filled with people from all corners of the globe. This is the primary nightspot where most of the visitor to Buzios congregate to party and have an overall good time.

Turibe de Farias

Also in downtown Buzios, Turibe de Farias runs parallels to the Rua das Pedras. It too has its share of bars restaurants and nightclubs. Because it is not as touristy as Rua das Pedras it is a more popular place for the local residents to congregate. In addition the prices for food, drinks and merchandise are a bit cheaper.

Where to Go at Night

There are quite a few favorite nightspots to visit when in Buzios. Ponto Bar and Captains Bar are two excellent places to start the evening. Sit at a table and watch the people walkway while sipping on caipirinhas. Try one of the many restaurants such as Chez Michou, Estancia Don Juan or Swasdee. After you have fueled up try out Zapata, Patio Havanas or Privilege Nightclub for some Samba dancing.

If you prefer a more relaxed atmosphere then Anexos Bar with comfortable lounge chairs and a great ocean view is for you. And for the die-hard shopper some of the lovely boutiques and shops do stay open until midnight. The Buzios nightlife is diverse with several options. There are plenty of loud bars and clubs to dance the night away. Or fine dining and quite lounges are available to enjoy a more aesthetic and peaceful evening. There is also a lovely beach in downtown Buzios for a romantic evening stroll.

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