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Quick Portuguese Dictionary

A few things will help you communicate in Buzios; hand gestures, a few words and the right attitude !

On vacation, it is always prudent to learn a bit of the local language in order to make communication easier. Moreover, the locals are always proud to hear outsiders speak their language. While on vacation in Buzios, there are some words and phrases that you ought to be familiar with.

Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

  • Capoeira – [kapuˈejɾɐ] Buzios is the place to witness dancers practice this Afro-Brazilian martial arts form that combines music and dance. You will find many young dancers performing the Capoeira at dance clubs in the city.

  • Caipirinha – [kī-pə-ˈrēn-yə] A local drink that is made from fermented lime and sugarcane. Most bars, restaurants and beachside cafes in Buzios offer caipirinhas on their menu.

  • Pousada – [poˈzadɐ] Brazil, pousadas are small bed and breakfast accommodations and is not to be confused with the hotel chain in Portugal.

  • Gringo - Is a slang applied to someone who is actually a foreigner. They use Gringo for men and Gringa for women.

  • Obrigado – [o.bɾi.'ga.dʊ] meaning Thank you. If you are a guy you use “obrigado” ending with “o”, but if you are a girl you should use “obrigada” with “a” in the end.

  • Não – [nɐ̃w]- No, in Portuguese.

  • Por favor – [po̞ɾfaˈvo] Please.

  • Bom dia – [ˈbõdʒiɐ] – Good Morning

  • Boa Tarde – [ˈboa ˈtaxdʒi] - Good Afternoon

  • Boa Noite – [ˈboa ˈnojtʃi] - Good Night

  • Foi um prazer – [ūm praˈze*] - Nice meeting you

  • Com licença – [kõ liˈsēsɑ] - Excuse me

  • Tchau – [tʃaw] - Goodbye

  • Gorjeta [goxˈʒetɑ] - Tip

When in Buzios don’t assume that everyone speaks English. The Brazilians are known to be very polite and won’t hesitate to pretend that they understand you when they actually don’t. Their facial expressions may be a dead giveaway in such a situation. The simple thing to do is rephrase your statement or make use of sign language if there is no one else around to help. Here is one phrase the locals will love. O Brasil é lindo maravilhoso! This means “Brazil is magnificent.”

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