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Useful numbers and how to make phone calls in Buzios.

Being contactable at all times is important whether you are on vacation or at home. While on vacation in Buzios communicating is not a problem. There are plenty of phone booths, internet cafes and hotel phones to stay connected. Mobile operators in the region offer complete coverage. However, make sure you determine the cost prior to making international calls. From your mobile phone you will need to dial Brazil’s country code 55 followed by Buzios’ city code 22.

Mobile phone in BrazilImportant Phone Numbers

It is important to note down the numbers of the nearest medical clinics while vacationing in Buzios since emergencies may arise at any time. Clinica Buzios is open 24 hours a day and can be contacted on +55 (22) 2623-2465 and 2623-6000. Centro Médico & Odontológico de Buzios also offers complete medical facilities and is situated at César Augusto São Luiz street, 100 – Center. They can be contacted on +55 (22) 2633-0200, also open 24 hours.

Tourists are free to contact the tourism secretariat for any tourist information on 55-22 2633-6200 / 0800-24999. Email: The lines are open 24 hours a day. The police are available on (22) 2629-1281. For your transportation needs you can call up the following taxi services.

* Point, Santos Dumont Square - Tel.: (22) 2623-2160 / 2623-6169
* Buzios Rádio Táxi - Tel: (22) 2623-1911 / 2623-2892 / 9204-3000
* Point, Shopping Nº 01 - Tel.: (22) 2623 2160 / 2623 6169

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