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Gyms in Buzios

Stay fit in your Buzios holiday and head to the closest gym or the many activities that can be done outdoors. 

Some tourists cannot do with their daily dose of exercise and Buzios has its fare share of gyms. Many of the hotels in the peninsula are home to some of the finest health clubs and spas. Hotel Atlantico Buzios Convention and Resort, Perola Buzios Hotel, Rio Buzios Beach Hotel, Villa Rasa Marina Hotel and Le Relais Laborie are among the hotels equipped with swimming pools, gyms and health spas.

Outdoor exercises Buzios Beaches in Rio de Janeiro

Outdoor Sports

Along with trips to the gym, sports lovers can enjoy a game of tennis, horse riding and other water sports like surfing, waterskiing, diving and more. Parachute championships are held in March. There are a few golf courses in Buzios with the Buzios Golf Club covering over 1,000,000 square meters of green areas and an 18-hole course. The club presents the most picturesque view amongst the valleys and hills that border the lakes.

Water Sports

The meandering coastline is ideal for water sports in the peninsula. The beaches offer the chance for serious water sports fans to go snorkeling, surfing, scuba diving and more. Half of the beaches in Buzios are open to the Atlantic currents, making it ideal for surfing.

The rest are more secluded and the perfect place to relax in a tranquil environment. Ossos is the beach to watch soccer fans playing along the shore and you will often see celebrities joining in. João Fernandinho is one of the best beaches for diving and a chance to see monkfish, anchovies and even barracudas live. Diving lessons are provided by professionals and the training includes equipment as well.

Geriba beach and Tucuns are ideal for surfing, while Canto and Ferradura are places to enjoy calmer waters. While indoor gyms may be the place to work out, Buzios with its natural wonders provides many opportunities for outdoor sports for the adventurous traveler. 

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