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Artcrafts in Buzios

Buzios rich culture and events are not to be missed and for the perfect souvenir, shop in one of the artcrafts shops in the city.

Every visit to Buzios could be a unique experience since the land is full of surprises. There is always something new to experience, which includes arts and crafts that are now famous in the region. There are plenty of Indians in Buzios with strong traditions and beliefs, whose works are sold at many curio and handicraft shops around the city. Apart from unique artfacts, many galleries and outdoor exhibits display works by local Brazilian artists, along the Rua das Pedras.

Handcrafts in buzios Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Bronze Sculptures by Christina Motta

As a tribute to Brigitte Bardot, artist Christina Motta designed a bronze sculpture that is prominently placed on the seawall at Bardot Beach. Her other famous work is The Fishermen, a sculpture of fishermen casting their nets, which is set up at Armação Beach.

Galeria das Artes

A great number of international and home-grown artists display their works at the Galeria das Artes, an art gallery on Rua das Pedras. The gallery houses a permanent collection that represents the spirit of Buzios’ artists. Sculptures and oil paintings line the gallery where you might be lucky to purchase a priceless piece on sale.


The Brazilian martial arts form, Capoeira, was conceived in the 16th century and has been combined with music and dance, which is popular on the dance floors across Buzios. You can have the opportunity to sign up for a few lessons while on vacation.

Jazz Festival

The Jazz Festival held in Buzios in July attracts a number of jazz lovers from around the world. Most of the prominent clubs and an outdoor stage serve as the main venues for concerts. Tickets sell out early, so make sure you make your bookings well ahead.


While the Rio Carnival may grab the spotlight in the week leading up to the Christian calendar of Lent, Buzios isn’t far behind in its Carnival celebrations. Buzios citizens get dressed up in just about whatever they feel like and enjoy local spirits, exotic and local foods, parades and of course loads of music and samba dancing - if you're up to it. 

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