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Communicating in Buzios

The How To Guide of local and international phone calls in Buzios. 


Payphone by the beach BrazilEven though Spanish-speaking countries surround Brazil, the local language in Buzios is Portuguese. However, this is different from the Portuguese spoken in Portugal. Spanish is useful to know, as several words in Portuguese are the same, but pronounced in a different way.

Only some people outside of the tourist industry speak in English. However, you will be comfortable communicating with many of the locals since English is spoken in most hotels, restaurants and other tourist spots.


When in Buzios, you may feel the need for a reliable telecommunication service. This is because telephone lines do not have a favorable reputation and is believed to be inefficient at times. The situation has not altered much even after private vendors have been recognized as licensed providers.

Frequency variations and cross connections are regular occurrences, which calls for people to make repeated attempts until the line finally goes through. As a result, Brazilian public phones are often referred to as ‘orelhões’, meaning ‘floppy ears’. You can make local as well as international calls from public telephones that work with phone cards.

Phone Cards

Phone cards known as “cartão telefônico” are obtainable at newsstands and street vendors. Calls in Brazil, are timed in units. A brief local call could end before the unit meter responds.

When the card is inserted, the phone displays the number of units that are still to be used. It is possible that not all phones accept the cards and you may be required to try a few phones prior to locating a compatible and functional phone. Phone cars are easy to buy in units of 20, 50 and 90.

Phone Codes

Cellular phones have eight-digit numbers that mainly start with number nine. It is possible to rent a phone at communications stores around the city. The city code for Buzios is 22, while Brazil’s country code is 55.

Operators have different codes:

  • Operator Embratel Code: 21

  • Operator Intelig Code: 23

  • Operator Oi Code: 31

To make an international call:
Direct connection: 00 + code of the operator + code of the country + code of the city + telephone

Regional in Brazil:
Direct connection: 00 + code of the operator + code of the city + telephone

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