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Orientation in Buzios

Getting Lost in Buzios is not really a bad thing!

Buzios is located on a projected peninsula bathed by over 20 isolated beaches. Now one of Brazil’s most elegant resorts, Buzios is filled with boutiques, shops, restaurants, bars and nightclubs. You will be able to reach Buzios driving its main road - José Bento Ribeiro Dantas Road -  that connects its first neighborhood Rasa until you get to Ossos Beach.

Orientation in Buzios

This is pretty much the one road access to and from Buzios – if you are not taking a shortcut to its neighbor city Cabo Frio – so it won’t be hard for you to find yourself.  You won’t be able to miss the Tourist Information Office right in the middle of the road. There you will be able to ask for maps and guidance. Indication for beaches and their hotels and posadas have just been posted and updated everywhere.  Natives of Buzios will be happy to help you find your whereabouts in Buzios in case you get lost.

Buzios beaches are isolated from one another, lending each one a personality of its own. The best way to get around Buzios is walking. The Buzios water taxi is a great option if you choose to move from one beach to another. A taxi ride costs about a dollar and is the fastest way to travel around the island during the day. Cabs aren’t expensive either.


Viação 1001 runs big buses from/to Rio and Buzios several times daily for about US$ 18 one way, using comfortable buses. The Buzios bus station is located at Estrada da Usina Velha 444. Ask around. Everybody knows where it is or call 2623 2050. It is a simple bus stop close to the mini-car racing track, five blocks south of the Armação waterfront and easily accessible on foot.

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