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The Weather in Buzios

Gorgeous weather in Buzios is all year round ! 

There are not too many worries when planning a vacation to Buzios. You really do not have to worry about crowded beaches; after all there are about 20 of them. Nor do you have to worry about the weather ruining your vacation.

Sunny and Warm

Sunny day in Buzios rio de janeiroOn average, Buzios gets approximately 254 days of sun a year. If there are any clouds, it is usually the result of high humidity levels. Very rarely will the clouds produce rain. During the summer months in Buzios the temperature averages 81ºF or 27ºC. In the spring and fall temperatures hover around 77ºF or 25ºC and during the winter temperature averages range around 73ºF or 23ºC. Obviously there is really no bad time of year when it comes to the temperature. Winter or summer, the air is warm, sunny and very comfortable. The summer is not too hot and the winter is not too cold. Year round is just right.


The rainy season comes with the summer temperatures and is quite sporadic. Once in a while a storm, lasting a few days, can seem to come up out of no where. Winds can gust up to 50 km/h and seem to swirl around you from all directions. It is not a bad idea to pack a raincoat regardless of the season as the rain is quite unpredictable. However, do not bother with the umbrella as it will most likely get ruined in the strong winds. While rain is less likely during the winter months there is always that chance of wet weather so it is best to be prepared.

Water Temperature

The weather and the currents determine the water temperature at the beaches surrounding the peninsula. On the colder southern part of the peninsula waters can get as cold as 18ºC while up north the water is warmer at around 21ºC. Even between the southern and northern waters there are really not many differences in temperature. Therefore there is really no bad time of year to visit Buzios. The only difficulty might be the crowds that descend on the area during summer vacations, holidays and carnival.

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