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Buzios as Part of your Brazil vacation Package

Buzios Vacation Packages may include Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, Iguazu Falls or even the Amazon. What's your Buzios package idea?

Choices range from tranquil resort luxury hotels to discounted 3-star comfy pousadas located very close to the many Buzios beaches and also Rua das Pedras. Buizos has over a hundred hotels and pousadas to accommodate its guests with comfort during its 254 days of sun.

Prefer to have it customized? Not sure where to start your Buzios Hotel Package search? Our native Buzios experts will give you a hand. Just email or Skype with username bookersinternational. We will be glad to help you put together that dream vacation package you will never forget.

To see all packages in a specific city or country, enter the city or country name. e.g.: "rio de janeiro" or "brazil". You may also enter the name of the package or part of it. e.g.: "Aficionado" or "Incomparable" or "Buzios".
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