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Buzios and Petropolis

The cool weather in Petropolis caught the attention of Portuguese Royalty. Surrounded by mountains, Petropolis is a city on the go and has a lot to offer for a perfect getaway.

A 3-½ hour drive west from Buzios is Petropolis. Called the Imperial City, it is a favorite spot for those wishing to purchase groceries or some of the delicious local coffee go to the 16 de Março Street on the center of city. In 1843 the beautiful forests and cool summer weather led Emperor Dom Pedro II to build his summer palace here.

Crystal palace in Petropolis Rio de Janeiro


Begin a tour of Petropolis by stopping at the Imperial Museum. The royal jewels as well as the imperial crown are on display here along with as several beautiful pieces of art, furniture and documents. The Palacio da Princesa Isabel is another lovely royal residence containing important historical artifacts. To understand how the common man lived stop off at Casa do Colono that contains items and utensils used by the settlers. The Cathedral of Sao Pedro de Alcantara houses the tombs of the royal family and the interior architecture is quite amazing.


Petropolis is famous for its shopping areas. The Rua Teresa near downtown has top fashion goods sold at wholesale prices. Bingen is another factory outlet center for clothing, furniture and home décor. Itaipava, a Petropolis district 15km from the “Centro Historico”, also has incredibly low prices on clothing, accessories, ceramics and furniture. There is a community flea market on the weekends. Locally made jewelry and other homemade crafts and artwork are displayed here. For those wishing to purchase groceries or some of the delicious local coffee head to Sendas, a two-story supermarket.


Petropolis is known for its outdoor activities. With the mountains surrounding the city, hiking is a very popular sport and there are several companies that offer guided tours into the mountains. There are also horseback riding excursions through the lush rainforests that can last a few hours or a few days. White water rafting is quite popular as are rock climbing and rappelling. Not far form the city is the national park Serra dos Orgaos where visitors can arrange for guided tours of the area. There is a natural swimming hole as well as lovely waterfalls. For the strong at heart, try the famous 42-km hike through the forest that can last up to four days.


Because Petropolis has a large student population there is a fairly extensive nightlife. The neighborhood of Valparaiso is quite popular to visit at night. Hurrycane is a fun sports bar that always has a rather competitive dart game going on. Armazem 636 is a very popular dance club with live music almost everyday of the week. There is even a local English pub that offers snooker. At night the Imperial Museum has a sound and light show as well as a movie projected on its water fountains.
While not a coastal community, Petropolis has its own beauty and attractions. The stunning mountains and lush rainforests are a cornucopia of colors, textures and sounds. The city itself has some of the most incredible imperial architecture and the lowest prices in Brazil can be found in this city’s shopping plazas.

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