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Cities near Armacao dos Buzios

When going to Buzios take a tour around the neighbor towns and the stunning city of Rio de Janeiro.

There are quite a lot of beautiful places to visit around Buzios. The grand city of Rio de Janeiro is not too far away. In addition there are many lovely little coastal villages and even an imperial city that are just waiting to be discovered.

Corcovado and sugar loag attractions in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

Rio de Janeiro

Know as the party capital of Brazil, this city is known for its cosmopolitan attitude and freethinking people. Its beaches attract millions of visitors a year. Rio also has quite a few amazing attractions including its 96 foot statue of Jesus Christ that seems to be reaching out to embrace the city as well as its colonial architecture and modern skyscrapers. Bars, restaurants and dance clubs are open until the wee hours of the morning for revelers from all parts of the globe to enjoy.

Cabo Frio

Just a hop, skip and a jump from Buzios is the lovely seaside village of Cabo Frio. It is best known for its many beaches that attract both families and young people to swim and relax under the warm sun. Water sports are also quite popular including surfing, scuba diving, parasailing and snorkeling. Cabo Frio is also well known for its street of bikinis. Over 70 shops in town cater to the sale of bikinis and beach clothing. There is a busy nighttime scene suitable to both families with small children and adults.

Rio Das Ostras

Not as developed as Bu

Buzios, Rio de Janeiro or Cabo Frio, Rio das Ostras is nevertheless a delightful little shoreline village to visit for a day or two. Known for its beaches, the area is very popular among fishing enthusiasts, scuba divers and snorkelers. There are several popular family beaches and some beaches nestled away for honeymooners. While the nightlife is rather subdued the restaurants specializing in seafood are second to none.


Southwest of Buzios, Paraty is a coastal village that grew up around sugarcane farming. As a result they are famous for their sugarcane rum. Paraty is also well known for its many shops specializing in local artist’s crafts, paintings and handiworks. Many of the beaches are suited to families, some with their rougher waters attract surfers and parasailers and there is even one beach that is thought to possess therapeutic healing powers.

Paraty city at night Brazil


This town, nestled in the mountains of Brazil was once home to the Emperor Dom Pedro II. Rich in neo-classical architecture, the palaces, cathedrals and chateaux are all fascinating to visit. The mountains and rainforests that surround Petropolis are popular with nature lovers who enjoy hiking, white water rafting and mountain climbing year round. Petropolis is also famous for its outlet shopping areas with some of the cheapest prices in Brazil. Nightlife centers on the student population and is quite boisterous and a lot of fun.
Regardless of where you choose to visit around the town of Buzios you are destined to find a town filled with quality attractions and fun loving people. The beaches, boutiques and natural attractions all serve to delight and amaze visitors.

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